We often talk about how essential it is to have a will in place. Another important aspect of dying is also considering your own funeral arrangements.

Again, it’s a topic that people tend to shy away from. A report from the Funeral Planning Authority found that

57% of adults over 40 hadn’t given it any thought.

But funerals are expensive and it’s another burden for the bereaved to deal with if arrangements aren’t in place.

Of those that have given it some thought, the most popular choice was to put some money aside to pay the bills.

A further 18% had taken out life insurance and 13% had bought a pre-paid funeral plan.

A funeral plan is a good idea

It’s a way to arrange the type of funeral you’d like to have and secure it at today’s prices. Considering they have risen by 5% per year over the last 20 years that could make sound financial sense. They normally provide a range of options to suit different budgets.

More people are choosing to personalise their funerals

Recent research showed that more than a third of people wanted to do this. The most common options for making a funeral more personal was by selecting a particular song to be played or wanting their guests to wear bright colours. Funerals don’t even have to be held in a religious venue – people can choose to hold them at their home for example.

You can discuss your wishes with your family or detail them on a form such as myfuneralwishes at www.dyingmatters.org. Keep that document safe and let your family know where it is so that they can find it when they need it.

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