With funerals becoming increasingly expensive, investing in a pre-paid funeral plan is now more important than ever.

Research shows that the cost of death is soaring. Today, it is estimated that the average funeral costs around £4,000. This represents a rise of 33 per cent in only two years.

And, with funeral director costs and council burial and cremation fees different across the UK, some grief-stricken families may even have to pay out closer to £6,000.


Rising costs of burial and cremation

When looking at why funerals have become so expensive, the evidence points to increases being made by local councils as they strive to recoup money following years of cuts to their budgets. In some instances, local council burial and cremation fees have risen by as much as 30%.

Burial costs also vary significantly depending on where you live. At £255, the cheapest place to be buried in the UK is Fermanagh and Omagh in Northern Ireland. However coming in at 18 times more than that, the most expensive place to be buried is South West London, with a huge fee of £4,561.

The National Association of Funeral Directors is said to be “concerned that councils seem to view bereaved families as an easy target – hiking up burial and cremation fees at above inflation rates to help address wider council budget shortages.”


Rising funeral director fees

In addition, funeral director’s fees are also reported to have risen by 3.3% in the last year. This is said to be down to external factors such as the increase in cost of land, higher wages, maintenance, fuel rises, etc.

Together, these rises could see families struggle to afford the type of funeral they want to provide for a loved one. In fact, it seems that more people are getting into debt after overpaying for a funeral.

If the current trend continues, a funeral could soon cost more than £7,200.  As such, it has never been more important to plan for a funeral in advance.


Why pay for a funeral now?

Your funeral is going to have to be planned and paid for. This can be done by your relatives when the time comes, or it can be done now.

Benefits of paying for a funeral in advance include:

  • The certainty that everything will be done as you want
  • You can agree to a funeral plan fixed at today’s prices
  • The burden on your family when you pass away is reduced
  • You can also pay in small monthly instalments or lump sums, depending on what suits you.

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