For the majority, Christmas is a time of warmth and love, celebration and festivities, presents and indulgence.

Unfortunately, this time of year is a very different story for an ever increasing minority.

According to Resolution data, the number of children in the UK living in relative poverty by the end of this year will exceed 37%, shattering the previous record of 34%.

This means 4.1 million young people will now live in conditions which will make the festive season one to forget.

These statistics do not sit right with us. We know that Santa is under extreme pressure and he cannot do it all on his own.

Pembroke Will Writers intend to do our bit to help the UK’s most vulnerable during the Christmas season by raising funds for Action for Children who will provide Christmas presents for those that are less fortunate.

Pembroke Will Writers are proud to announce that our raffle is now open for business with every penny being sent to Action for Children.

The winner will also step into Christmas in style by taking home a luxurious Christmas hamper sporting over £100 worth of delectable treats.

Additionally, as is tradition, our main prize will also offer a free single Will.

Tickets are individually priced at 50p, or a full strip of five tickets are available for just £2.00.

As it is the season, raffle prizes may also include something sparkly to sip whilst enjoying a festive Christmas classic.

You can purchase your ticket from our offices by 20th Dec opposite Kwik Fit at: 113 Watling Street, Gillingham, Kent, ME7 2YX.

Feel free to pop in and purchase your tickets whilst you can. This time of year should be wonderful for all and your contribution will brighten the circumstances of someone living a difficult life.

Pembroke Will Writers look forward to seeing you soon. Have a fantastically festive season and a happy new year!