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Funeral Plans

Funeral plans to look after you and your loved ones

It can be tempting to avoid thinking about your funeral, especially as you won’t have to deal with it. But, the burden of arranging a funeral can be heavy; particularly for someone who is already grieving your loss. Consequently, funeral planning is not something to put off until it is too late.

At Pembroke Will Writers, we protect you and your loved ones – both from stress and the rising costs of that final goodbye.

With expert, honest and sensitive advice that ensures your last wishes are fulfilled, our funeral planning services provide all the peace of mind you need. So you can get on with living your life to the full.

We are a proud member of the Institute of Professional Will Writers.

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Help your family avoid unexpected costs

As well as planning your funeral in advance, you can also pay for it upfront in regular instalments. With funeral prices soaring, this can dramatically reduce the stress that loved ones feel when you pass away. In fact, with funeral costs rising faster than inflation and average savings, agreeing a funeral plan can see costs fixed at today’s prices.

At Pembroke Will Writers, we help you beat rising costs while providing the confidence that your funeral arrangements are in safe hands.

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Sensitive funeral planning in the comfort of your own home

We understand the emotional distress that can come with having to plan a funeral. That’s why we offer an in-depth personal service in the comfort of your own home.

Helping to protect what is precious to you, our professional and sensitive approach makes planning a funeral as convenient and straightforward as possible. We make sure you always understand what is happening with all the time necessary to ask questions and get the information you need. Ultimately, we take the stress away from you and your family.

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