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Tenancy Agreements

Ensure your property is passed on as you desire

While you might want to leave property to people you love, things are not always as straightforward as you would hope.

When two (or more) people purchase property or land in England and Wales, the way in which it is owned and registered could affect what happens to it after you die. Worryingly, if you don’t put the proper provisions in place, this could prevent your property going to your intended beneficiary.

At Pembroke Will Writers, we provide straightforward, professional advice to make sure your property is passed on as you desire.

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Protecting your property for future generations

If you want to leave a property in your Will, there are several factors you need to consider. In particular, you’ll need to know how your home is registered.

  • Tenants In Common. This means each owner has a set share in the property, and, if someone dies, that share is passed on as stipulated in their Will. If no Will exists, the Rules of Intestacy come into force. This means the property does not automatically pass to the survivor and the relevant share could go to someone you do not want
  • Beneficial Joint Tenants. Under this arrangement, both people own 100% of the property rather than having separate shares. So, if one person dies, the survivor automatically owns the whole property.

Today, many people are reviewing the way their property is owned to provide for their loved ones,  future generations, and protect a home from being sold to pay for care costs.

At Pembroke Will Writers, we can advise on your particular situation and, if there are any problems, resolve them in a cost-effective, fuss-free manner.

Make sure you protect your home for future generations.

Put a tenancy agreement in place from the comfort of your own home

Offering an in-depth personal service in the comfort of your own home, we make sure that the necessary tenancy agreements are in place. We can do this in addition to your drafting your Will and funeral plans.

Providing professional, honest and friendly advice, we ensure you always understand what is happening. Furthermore, we make sure you have all the time necessary to ask questions and get the information you need.

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